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You may have been planning for a home remodeling project for quite some time but somehow it hasn’t got off the block because you could not find reliable residential general contractors whom you can assign the work. Home remodeling is a major work that requires meticulous planning and a flawless implementation on the part of home remodeling contractors. A project of this nature aims at doing away with old designs and amenities and replacing them with trendy looks and modern amenities. If a need is felt for a major home remodeling project, it can be assumed that the home is an old structure. 

Now, it is the responsibility of the general contractors to retain the old structure but change the outlook and reorganize the living spaces. It’s easier said than done. It requires architects and designers to create the blueprint and skilled masonry workforce to execute the task. As a homeowner, your worries are that the project goes off well, completes on time, there is no cost overrun and the completed work matches your expectations.  

We at Newport Home Remodeling understand your worries and concerns. We also understand the responsibilities of Newport home remodeling contractors. That’s why we would like to assure you that when you choose to work with us, you have chosen a professional, reliable and experienced team of contractors to work with. We have some of the best architects, designers, and construction workforce on our team to execute any kind of home remodeling project on time, within the budget and that exceeds your expectations. 

If you are planning home remodeling, you should give us a call and let us present you with a free estimate. 

The Home Remodeling Services Offered By Our Residential General Contractors

Home Remodeling Newport RI

We take pride in stating that we are one of the well-known home remodeling contractors who undertake complete home remodeling projects in Newport, RI, and surrounding areas. Under the project, our architects and designers create a blueprint after a discussion with you. As part of the home remodeling, we change everything that you don’t want in your home and we create and install everything that you want. This means you may have a big window where there was none, a bigger bathroom, with a new shower enclosure, a kitchen with more space, better ventilation, recess lighting and a fresh coat of paint. You name it, and we have it in your home.  

Kitchen Remodeling Newport RI

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common home remodeling assignments. A kitchen is an important place that has to cater to a growing family. With time, it needs more space, functionality, and modern amenities, appliances, and appearance. A kitchen remodeling project can rediscover the lost fun and charm of a vibrant kitchen. We have remodeled hundreds of kitchens, transforming them into beautiful and functional spaces. But we don’t presume that every kitchen that comes to us for remodeling is ugly looking. Some of them may already be in good shape and form but may require a little touching up here and there. You can trust us with any kind of small or big remodeling work. What we aim for is your complete satisfaction.  

Bathroom Remodeling Newport RI

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another favorite for remodeling. The need arises because of a growing family that needs more space and amenities. Also, with time, some of the items tend to become outdated. The bathroom is one such place that offers some me-moments so no one likes to ignore his bathroom. Going a step further, many people like to give their bathroom a completely new look and life. We have completed many bathroom remodeling projects in Newport, RI, and surrounding localities. We as general contractors are always available for you when you hire us for your project. We make sure everything is done under our watchful eyes so that the work matches your expectations. 

Basement Remodeling Newport RI

Your home may or may not have a basement but what goes without saying is that it offers a good deal of extra space that can be put to good use. We undertake basement remodeling projects that seek to make it warm and cozy living spaces. It can double up for storage if you have the need. But basements can be standalone living spaces with its distinct charm and aesthetics. As part of our general contractor services, we can advise how you can turnaround a neglected basement space into a lively and vibrant real estate asset. However, we can also undertake small basement remodeling works if your basement is already in top gear.   

Deck Construction Newport RI

Depending on the location and architectural features of your home, we can always advise you on how you can create new and meaningful spaces. If you have space outside your house, a beautiful deck is overdue. Our team of expert civil engineers and designers can plan a beautiful deck where you can spend your spare time chatting with friends and family. This will add value to your home, and make it look beautiful and functional. We have undertaken many similar projects in our city and surrounding areas. You can trust us with a deck remodeling work. 

Why Choose Our Residential General Contractors? 

Newport Home Remodeling offers high-quality professional general contractor services. We undertake all kinds of home remodeling projects and we believe in 100% satisfaction to homeowners. Our services are available in Newport, RI and nearby towns such as Warren, Portsmouth, Middletown, Bristol, and Jamestown. We are local general contract service providers who understand the distinct structure and design of buildings in our area. Our knowledge of local homes enables us to offer expert services at regular rates. Being a local general contractor, we are always accessible to our esteemed patrons. If you have a home in Newport, RI or nearby towns and planning a home remodeling project, we are excited to listen to you. 

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